Mitigation Systems

There are two types of mitigation systems. They are sub-slab depressurization and sub-membrane depressurization systems. A sub-slab system pulls the air from underneath the concrete floor in the basement area. A hole is made through the floor, along an outside wall preferably, and then a ventilation pipe is sealed into the hole and routed to the exterior. A fan is installed in the pipe to create a constant vacuum to draw the air/gas from under the slab. A sub-membrane system is used in crawl spaces and under sub-floors. A plastic membrane is used to seal the soil area and the vent system then draws the air/gas out from under the plastic membrane. Depending on the type of system and the quantity of materials needed the cost can vary.

With either system, only the highest quality materials are used during the installation, assuring many years of worry free service.

Our lead installation tech has installed hundreds and hundreds of systems and is experienced in seeking out options as to where, and how, to install and route a system for optimum performance as well as being aesthetically pleasing.